megan boggs | co-creator

i am a rule breaker. a risk taker. a thinker. a dreamer. a believer. a seeker of light. a lover of words. a creative. a passionate artist. a mother of two. a wife.

my biggest inspirations are my two sweet girls. my life. my every day. the breaths i take. the hugs we make. i am not your "typical portrait photographer", but a storyteller, a guardian of moments, a preserver of every day life. real. raw. emotional.

i am a California girl. wind in my hair. coffee in my cup. book in my hand. dancing shoes on. my guys right-hand gal. a private investigator by trade. always chasing a thrill. my bucket list long. my ambitions high. and my words sweet. lets learn together.


angie mahlke | co-creator

I'm Angie: wife, stay-at-home-mom of 3 wild hyenas, an introvert with a creative itch that needs to be scratched. My love for photography started in high school when I took a film photography class and found myself mesmerized in the dark room. I got my first DSLR on my 30th birthday, hugely pregnant with my second child. My children are my muses, predominantly my daughter since she hasn't yet learned the art of bribery or the stank face. I'm in a constant state of learning, siphoning in all the photography community has to offer.


brandi markham | co-creator

Hello! I am a family lifestyle photographer located just outside of Washington DC. With a background in elementary education, I have a passion for photographing children & families. I am especially passionate about capturing memories and special moments with my husband, Paul, & our three children - Nolin (6-years), Harris (5-years), & Josephine (2-years). 


samantha covert | instagram + facebook MOD

Hi, I'm Samantha (but feel free to call me Sam...everyone does :) - mother of two rambunctious boys (Luke, 8 and Max, 5) living just outside of Halifax, N.S. Canada. I'm a natural light newborn and family photographer with a special love for capturing unposed, real life childhood moments of both my clients and my own children. I'm inspired by beautiful light, raw emotion, and loving connections. I am so happy to be joining you all on this exciting journey!


laurin patton | instagram MOD

Hi, I’m Laurin! I live with my husband, Tab, and our three daughters, Wren (6), Finch (4), and Lundi (6 months), in South Carolina.

I’m a pharmacist by trade, but I have worked with my husband in our construction and development business since our oldest daughter was born. I took my first photography class in September 2016, and just completed my first 365 in 2017. My passion is capturing childhood as my gift to my children. The encouragement and support from my IG family has been amazing. I’m looking forward to another year of growth for all of us! 


divya wolf | instagram + facebook MOD

Hi everyone, I’m Divya (pronounced like Nivia cream, without the middle ee, so “div-ya”).  Yup, it looks a lot harder than it sounds 😍  I dare you to come up with a pronunciation that I haven’t heard…. there have been some good ones 😂

On a serious note, my husband, our two little girls, and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have lived across the country and love to adventure and explore.  You will find that most of the work I share on instagram documents my day-to-day and my professional work and blog are over at rocket moon photography.  I love playing around with reflections and light.  I love the instagram community so much and am inspired by it daily.  I hope to see you around! 😘


jenn bartell | instagram + facebook MOD

Hi! I’m Jenn. I’m a mom of two nut-so boys (2 + 4) who never stop running, jumping, whining, roaring and eating. We live in Sacramento, California, in an old 1915 tiny little home we are quickly out-growing.

I'd known I wanted to be a photographer from a very young age. I attended a high school out of district because it had a photography program +went on to graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography. I moved to New York after college and assisted a children’s commercial  advertising photographer. I then moved back to California and have owned my own photography business for 12 years. Over the last year and a half, I have gained so many friends, been inspired everyday and continue to learn new, exciting ways to photograph my subjects.  I am so excited to be here!


jackie haxthausen | instagram + facebook MOD

I’m a South Louisiana girl, that lives with her husband, Will, and three children, Ellie, Emmeline, and Hopper. My photography journey truly began like so many with the birth of my first child. I have never been able to satisfy my appetite for learning and improving since then. Documenting my children continues to be my true “why". Above all, I am drawn to connections and light, and I hope my photos show just that.


rebecca lundin | facebook MOD

Hi, I’m Becca. I live in NE Oklahoma with my husband and two kids. We also have a hedgehog, a cat, and a turtle. Although I want to add to that some chickens, a goat, a dog, and a pig. Currently the HOA has other ideas though, haha!

Besides doing documentary style photography, in my spare time I love to travel, RV, read, and drink alarming amounts of coffee.

(oh and I don’t get in front of the camera so I had to have my 6 year old shoot this picture! Not too bad, haha!)


andrea johnson | facebook MOD

Hey everyone, I’m Andrea from Oklahoma! I’m married to my husband, Matt, and we have two boys; Brooks, who will be two in March, and baby boy #2 due April Fools day! I work as a RN full time but my real passion is photography. I started a few months after our son was born and was hooked instantly. I’m so excited to be a part of this group and look forward to learning and growing with you all. It’s going to be a great year!


beth | facebook MOD

Hi, my name is Beth and I am a hobbyist photographer living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my two young boys (3 and 5-years-old), engineer husband, and a labradoodle named, Pocket. I am a former academic librarian and current stay-at-home mom. In addition to taking photos, I enjoy outdoor adventures big and small, pub trivia nights with yummy beer, and naps. I am excited to be apart of the p52 project to push myself creatively and to be inspired by a like minded community. I shoot with a super old micro four-thirds mirrorless camera and mostly edit on my iPhone (which I also hope to change this year!)


charishma Chulani | facebook MOD

Hi, I’m Charishma! (Pronounced Kar-is-ma like the word and confusing people on the daily😅) I'm a born and raised native of sunny Florida and a marketing/event professional turned mom/photography.

I have 2 boys and a girl, who I'm pretty much chasing nonstop. We love traveling and  going to the beach any chance we get and since we live in Mickey's backyard, we see A LOT of Disney magic. 

I joined the Instagram community about a year ago and since I am self taught,  I found out really quickly that all that technical really important! Soooo...I use IG as a big time learning forum.  I've been seriously lucky to have  a great group of talented IG friends to support and guide me along the way.


melissa ortendahl | facebook MOD

Melissa. Lifestyle photographer. Boymom. Inspired by the everyday. Natural light. Embraces chaos. Thrives on creative sparks. Can be bribed with Mexican food. Always down for a deep thoughts talk. Or a night out dancing. Does not embarrass easily. Work in progress.