week 10: black + white features

March 11, 2018


"What I like about black + white photographs is that they are more like reading the book than seeing the movie"

This week has been so amazing!! Emotive. Powerful. Timeless. Bring on the black + white and all that comes along with it!! You are rocking this month straight out of the gate and we are loving every minute of it!! Keep up the fantastic work !

xoxo, Megs

 Amber Talbert  @ambertalbertphotography
 Angie Rethwisch  @angelarethwisch

Angie Rethwisch @angelarethwisch

 Brea Chislett  @breachislett

Brea Chislett @breachislett

 Dorene Hookey  @dorenehookey

Dorene Hookey @dorenehookey

 Jamie Eilts  @jamieeilts

Jamie Eilts @jamieeilts

 Holly Grams  @holly.grams

Holly Grams @holly.grams

 Jamye Denson  @jamye_marie

Jamye Denson @jamye_marie

 Jess Buttermore  @jessie.b.photo

Jess Buttermore @jessie.b.photo

 Kaela Willaims  @kaelarphoto

Kaela Willaims @kaelarphoto

 Kristin Reinhard  @kristin_reinhard

Kristin Reinhard @kristin_reinhard

 Sneah Senjalia  @prettyinpic_photography
 Aly Nickerson  @alygraphs

Aly Nickerson @alygraphs

 Andrea Johnson  @andreajohnsonphoto

Andrea Johnson @andreajohnsonphoto

 Danielle Zumwalt  @daniellezphoto

Danielle Zumwalt @daniellezphoto

 Fiona Saxton  @fiona_saxton

Fiona Saxton @fiona_saxton

 Jenn Bartell  @jennbartellkids

Jenn Bartell @jennbartellkids

 Shay Cathleen  @shaycathleenphotography