week 11 | black & white features

March 18, 2018

"It is beautiful to feel in a body built for feeling and exist intensely on a planet exuding intensity"

You guys rocked another week of black & white images.  Beauty. Depth. Emotion. Light and Happy. & Dark and Moody!! Keep up the amazing work and pushing yourself!

 Angie Mahlke  @angie_mahlke

Angie Mahlke @angie_mahlke

 Annie Villasana

Annie Villasana

 Danielle Zumwalt  @daniellezphoto

Danielle Zumwalt @daniellezphoto

 Dorene Hookey  @dorenehookey

Dorene Hookey @dorenehookey

 Ericka Karazsia  @ericka.karazsia

Ericka Karazsia @ericka.karazsia

 Fiona Saxton  @fiona_saxton

Fiona Saxton @fiona_saxton

 Helen Wang   @weiphotodc

Helen Wang @weiphotodc

 Jacqueline Haxthausen  @leekayphotos

Jacqueline Haxthausen @leekayphotos

 Sarah Bednar   @esbednar

Sarah Bednar  @esbednar

 Joanna Blake Hill  @mamaofthehills

Joanna Blake Hill @mamaofthehills

 Jyotsna Bhamidipati‎  @mbmphotographs

Jyotsna Bhamidipati‎ @mbmphotographs

 Kaela Williams  @kaelarphoto

Kaela Williams @kaelarphoto

 Kelly Parnell  @kellyparnellphotog

Kelly Parnell @kellyparnellphotog

 Melissa Richard  @melissarichard4

Melissa Richard @melissarichard4

 Meredith Minor  @this_chaotic_life

Meredith Minor @this_chaotic_life

 Mickala Brady  @mickalabrady_

Mickala Brady @mickalabrady_

 Tara Visconti  @taravphoto

Tara Visconti @taravphoto