week 12: black & white features

March 25, 2018

Black and white images speak to me in a way that color images don't. They're emotional and poignant and rich with details. So much can be told through the use of light and shadows. Black and white photography is a classic art form I believe every photographer should embrace. And this month has proven that our group of photographers here on this project are embracing this idea right along with us. I could look through the weekly albums all day and be so completely in awe and inspired by your stunning conversions. 

We have one week left with this technique before we move onto another one. Please be sure to vote on the poll on Facebook or Instagram to determine April's technique.

xoxo, Angie

 Annie Villasana 

Annie Villasana 

 Antoinette Newcomer  @antoinettenewcomerphotography

Antoinette Newcomer @antoinettenewcomerphotography

 Ashley Hix  @ashleythix

Ashley Hix @ashleythix

 Brandi Markham  @brandimarkham

Brandi Markham @brandimarkham

 cami graham turpin  @bluehillimages

cami graham turpin @bluehillimages

 Claire Storey  @photography_mumma_of_3
 hope anderson  @hope8ternal

hope anderson @hope8ternal

 Kaela Williams  @kaelarphoto

Kaela Williams @kaelarphoto

 Kim Putney  @kim_putney_

Kim Putney @kim_putney_

 Krista Moore

Krista Moore

 Maaike Vandenbroeck 

Maaike Vandenbroeck 

 Melissa Richard  @melissarichard4

Melissa Richard @melissarichard4

 Meredith Minor  @this_chaotic_life

Meredith Minor @this_chaotic_life

 Niki Bidinger  @thebidinger3

Niki Bidinger @thebidinger3

 Rachel Keohane  @rachel.keohane

Rachel Keohane @rachel.keohane

 Sarah Posehn  @sarahposehn

Sarah Posehn @sarahposehn

 Shay Cathleen  @shaycathleenphotography
 Sneha Senjalia  @sneha_senjalia

Sneha Senjalia @sneha_senjalia

 Stephanie Simon  @littlebeanmom

Stephanie Simon @littlebeanmom