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week 27 | freelensing

july 1, 2018

This is the last batch of freelensing! Each month passes quicker and quicker. I feel like I just set my lens to infinity for the first time, detached the bugger and started tilting and shifting and praying that something suitable magically appeared on my card. Because, listen, some are natural freelensers, but that’s not me. I’ve only attempted it a handful of times, but I never felt it click. It’s hard! But week after week, I scrolled through the albums and I saw all of your beautifully blurred images and it makes me want to keep on trying. I’m on a quest to find that perfect slice of focus and give in to the imperfectness that makes freelensing so interesting and fresh.

So if you’re like me and you find wiggling a detached lens awkward and frustrating, please don’t give up!! Instead look at all these gorgeous photos as inspiration of what’s to come when it does finally click.

July finds us in full sun. So embrace that harsh mid-day sun and shoot right out in the direct sunlight. I know, it’s almost as scary as detaching your lens, right? (Or perhaps as intimidating as getting in front of the frame if you base it off the numerous poll results where we’ve paired choices against self-portraits.) We can’t wait to see all your adventures out in the sun!

xo Angie