week 4: low light features

january 28, 2018

we remove our own doors and layers as we swim deeper into things. this is called journeying
— victoria erickson

Each week we have witnessed each and every one of you dig deep and embrace the art of "low light". We are so impressed with your dedication, heart, and support of this project. We have one more week of "low light" and I couldn't be more excited to see what you all create. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous art with us!

xoxo, Megan

 Courtney Hupp  @courtney_hupp

Courtney Hupp @courtney_hupp

 Emily Ockwig  @emily.ockwig    

Emily Ockwig @emily.ockwig


 Karin Marie  @chasingdawnphotography    
 Dorene Hookey  @dorenehookey

Dorene Hookey @dorenehookey

 Jess Buttermore  @jessie.b.photo

Jess Buttermore @jessie.b.photo

 Melissa Richard  @melissarichard4    

Melissa Richard @melissarichard4


 Gabriella Rojas Ray  @gabriella.rojas.ray

Gabriella Rojas Ray @gabriella.rojas.ray

 Alexis Fischer @alexisfischerphotography

Alexis Fischer @alexisfischerphotography

 Holly Awward  @hollynicoletimekeeper
 Stephanie Simon  @littlebeanmom

Stephanie Simon @littlebeanmom

 Joy Kubb  @jfkubb

Joy Kubb @jfkubb

 Bri Viglianco  @briviglianco

Bri Viglianco @briviglianco

 Holly Grams  @holly.grams

Holly Grams @holly.grams