week 5: low light features

february 4, 2018

This wraps up our final week of low light. Our first month is in the books. Wow, you guys! The central theme seemed to be how a lot of you strayed away from taking photos in low light prior to this month for various reasons, but the photo albums don't lie. You faced your fears and produced magic. Week after week you showed up. Our intention when starting this project was to provide inspiration and support and a network as your backbone. But we never considered the possibility that it would be you inspiring us. And you have!

So let's take a moment to breathe in these last moments of low light before moving on to our new technique. Below you will find a handful of images that caught our eye, but it is such a small sampling of all the beautiful work submitted. Please keep shooting in low light. Don't stop!

Now we will spending this month focusing on negative space & minimalism.

xo Angie

Dana Phillips  @danaphillipsphoto

Dana Phillips @danaphillipsphoto

Aimee Glucina  @aimeeglucinaphotography
Ally Quinlan  @allywithawhynot

Ally Quinlan @allywithawhynot

Angie Rethwisch  @angelarethwisch

Angie Rethwisch @angelarethwisch

Beth Cagnoni  @bethcagnoni

Beth Cagnoni @bethcagnoni

Jamie Mallery  @jamielynn_photomom

Jamie Mallery @jamielynn_photomom

Brynn Cunat

Brynn Cunat

Jessica Rainey  @jlrainey

Jessica Rainey @jlrainey

Kensie McFadden

Kensie McFadden

Mandi Johnson  @mandijohnsonphotography
Prue Peters  @pruepeters

Prue Peters @pruepeters

Rachael Simon  @rachael.simon

Rachael Simon @rachael.simon

Sarah Bednar  @esbednar

Sarah Bednar @esbednar

Suzi George  @suzi.george

Suzi George @suzi.george

Tracy Tabor

Tracy Tabor

Victoria Andrews  @victoriaandrewsphotography