week 6 - minimalism & negative space features

february 11, 2018

Wow! You guys are kicking this new month off with a bang! It's only the first week & there are already so many beautiful images being shared. Using minimalism & negative space purposefully in our images provides some great opportunities for us to get creative. I am absolutely loving your creativity so far! Looking forward to seeing your growth this month. Keep clicking & sharing!



Asja Powys-Smith  @asjaps

Asja Powys-Smith @asjaps

Beth Cagnoni  @bethcagnoni

Beth Cagnoni @bethcagnoni

Cindy Valdez

Cindy Valdez

Claire Storey  @photography_mumma_of_3
Courtney Fairchild  @courtney.fairchild

Courtney Fairchild @courtney.fairchild

Dana DiSalvo  @dananicolephotography
Dorene Hookey  @dorenehookey

Dorene Hookey @dorenehookey

Gabriella Rojas Ray  @gabriella.rojas.ray

Gabriella Rojas Ray @gabriella.rojas.ray

Jessica Atwood  @jlynnatwood

Jessica Atwood @jlynnatwood

Jessica Rainey  @jlrainey

Jessica Rainey @jlrainey

Lauren Webster  @lwebster918

Lauren Webster @lwebster918

Linsey Davis  @linseydavis05

Linsey Davis @linseydavis05

Michele Flagen  @mflagen

Michele Flagen @mflagen

Nelly Cole  @nellycolephoto

Nelly Cole @nellycolephoto

Rachael Simon  @rachael.simon

Rachael Simon @rachael.simon

Sanetta Marsh

Sanetta Marsh

Sarah Kelley  @sarrahhkaayy

Sarah Kelley @sarrahhkaayy

Victoria Andrews  @victoriaandrewsphotography