Week 7: minimalism & negative space features

february 18, 2018

"the key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness"  - Lao Tzu

I am seriously blown away this week. This technique takes forethought, planning, vision, and execution. And let me just tell you, it has been very difficult choosing only a certain number of features each week! We see you pushing yourself further and further each week, tickling your inner artist, and awakening the beast of fine art! You ALL are true artists, and we are so glad that you have joined us on this journey! Keep slaying away, my friends. 

xoxo, Megan

 Cami Turpin  @bluehillimages

Cami Turpin @bluehillimages

 Chelsea Kozlinsky  @this_gr8_kozi_life_

Chelsea Kozlinsky @this_gr8_kozi_life_

 Bree Friesen  @breefriesenphoto

Bree Friesen @breefriesenphoto

 Elaine Blowers  @laineykb

Elaine Blowers @laineykb

 Courtney Hupp  @e.macairephotography

Courtney Hupp @e.macairephotography

 Ashley Hix  @ashleythix

Ashley Hix @ashleythix

 Jeanette Harmon  @jharmon_photography

Jeanette Harmon @jharmon_photography

 Jenn Bartell  @jennbartellkids

Jenn Bartell @jennbartellkids

 Jennifer LaGrange

Jennifer LaGrange

 Joy Kubb  @jfkubb

Joy Kubb @jfkubb

 Karen Sirmenis  @karensirmenis

Karen Sirmenis @karensirmenis

 Lindsay Craig  @lindsay_r_craig

Lindsay Craig @lindsay_r_craig

 Rebekah Gardner

Rebekah Gardner

 Sarah Bednar  @esbednar

Sarah Bednar @esbednar

 Susan Grimes  @susan.grimes

Susan Grimes @susan.grimes

 Sarah Kelley  @sarrahhkaayy

Sarah Kelley @sarrahhkaayy

 Sarah Mikesell  @sjmikesell

Sarah Mikesell @sjmikesell

 Ranna Naipaul-Colaco

Ranna Naipaul-Colaco

 Niki Bidinger

Niki Bidinger

 Judith Bradette  @mamanrazziqc

Judith Bradette @mamanrazziqc