week 8: minimalism & negative space

february 25, 2018

We're past the halfway point of our second technique. I wasn't sure how we'd top low light, but you guys are consistently awing us. Your negative space and minimal images are spectacular. From blue skies as beautiful backdrops that fill the frame to perfectly composed lifestyle scenes that tell a simple story. You've definitely grasped this month's technique and are finding creative ways to use it to make art. We have one week left before we switch gears again. Let's go out with a bang.


xo Angie

 Jenn Bartell  @jennbartellkids

Jenn Bartell @jennbartellkids

 Jennifer Grey 

Jennifer Grey 

 Holly Grams  @holly.grams

Holly Grams @holly.grams

 Bree Friesen  @breefriesenphoto

Bree Friesen @breefriesenphoto

 Hope Anderson  @hope8ternal

Hope Anderson @hope8ternal

 Judith Bradette  @mamanrazziqc

Judith Bradette @mamanrazziqc

 Jyotsna Bhamidipati  @mbmphotographs

Jyotsna Bhamidipati @mbmphotographs

 Kaela Rodehorst  @kaelarphoto

Kaela Rodehorst @kaelarphoto

 Laura Marie

Laura Marie

 Libby Jenkins-Grohmann  @blueeyes.and.bokeh

Libby Jenkins-Grohmann @blueeyes.and.bokeh

 Meredith Minor  @this_chaotic_life

Meredith Minor @this_chaotic_life

 Mickala Brady  @mickalabrady_

Mickala Brady @mickalabrady_

 Nelly Cole  @nellycolephoto

Nelly Cole @nellycolephoto

 Stephanie Simon  @littlebeanmom

Stephanie Simon @littlebeanmom

 Melissa Richard  @melissarichard4

Melissa Richard @melissarichard4

 Victoria Andrews  @victoriaandrewsphotography
 Sarah Kelley  @sarrahhkaayy

Sarah Kelley @sarrahhkaayy

 Sorrel Davies

Sorrel Davies

 Robyn Chubey  @life_of_glow

Robyn Chubey @life_of_glow