week 9 | minimalism & negative space features

march 4, 2018

Here we are already wrapping up our final week of minimalism & negative space. You guys continue to impress! I know many of us (myself included) were nervous to take on minimalism & negative space, but you guys have grown so much! Way to rock the technique again!

For the next four weeks we will be focusing on black & white. Let's dive into what makes a stunning black & white photo. We have some awesome lessons coming your way this month!

But first, let's take a look at a small sampling of our last week of minimalism & negative space...



Laura Marie  @dutchwife2010

Laura Marie @dutchwife2010

Aly Joy Nickerson  @alygraphs

Aly Joy Nickerson @alygraphs

Ashley Hix  @ashleythix

Ashley Hix @ashleythix

Bri Viglianco  @briviglianco

Bri Viglianco @briviglianco

Cami Turpin  @bluehillimages

Cami Turpin @bluehillimages

Danielle  Zumwalt  @daniellezphoto

Danielle  Zumwalt @daniellezphoto

Divya Wolf  @divyawolf

Divya Wolf @divyawolf

Dorene Hookey  @dorenehookey

Dorene Hookey @dorenehookey

Jamye Denson  @jamye_marie

Jamye Denson @jamye_marie

Jen Logan  @jenllogan

Jen Logan @jenllogan

Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey

Jess Buttermore  @jessie.b.photo

Jess Buttermore @jessie.b.photo

Karen Sirmenis  @karensirmenis

Karen Sirmenis @karensirmenis

Kristin Reinhard  @kristin_reinhard

Kristin Reinhard @kristin_reinhard

Natalie Clemmons  @natalieclemmonsphotography
Niki Bidinger

Niki Bidinger

Sneha Senjalia  @prettyinpic_photography
Stephanie Simon  @littlebeanmom

Stephanie Simon @littlebeanmom

Victoria Andrews  @victoriaandrewsphotography