week 2: low light features

january 14, 2018

The idea of this project started in December when we were bulldozing through holiday loops on Instagram and photo-ops, and the new year loomed before us. Some of us were finishing our 2017 projects, some of us were lamenting the failure of them, and all of us were searching for something to inspire us in 2018. Thus the idea of a weekly project was born. Over the weeks we fine tuned it, and in this process the decision to open it up to everyone was made. What we didn’t anticipate at the time was this ginormous, incredible response to our little idea turned community project. It has been so amazing and exciting to witness you guys embrace this and run with it. Many times we have squealed in surprise and delight, so very overcome with emotion that so many people want to take this ride with us. 

Not only are you along for the ride, though: you’re nailing it!! You’re tackling a technique that you may have never tried or purposefully avoided out of fear, and you’re producing such remarkable images. We scroll through the albums and we’re constantly amazed. 

We may all be at different levels in our photography journey, but the universal tie that binds us is our hunger to learn. And we love how this community is reaching out and you are all reaching back. This is only week two, you guys! And you’re already blowing us away. We cannot wait for week 15 and week 30 and the final week when we complete this project together. 

xo Angie

by Holly Grams  @holly.grams

by Holly Grams @holly.grams

by Rachel Keohane  @rachel.keohane

by Rachel Keohane @rachel.keohane

by Bree Friesen  @breefriesenphoto

by Bree Friesen @breefriesenphoto

by Carrine Powers  @jupiterhuephotography

by Carrine Powers @jupiterhuephotography

by Ashley Dobay  @ashleydobayphotography

by Ashley Dobay @ashleydobayphotography

by Ericka Karazsia  @ericka.karazsia

by Ericka Karazsia @ericka.karazsia

by Kaela Williams  @kaelarphoto

by Kaela Williams @kaelarphoto

by Ashley Kaplan  @ashley_kaplan_photography
by Melissa Richard  @melissarichard4

by Melissa Richard @melissarichard4

by Angie Rethwisch  @angelarethwisch

by Angie Rethwisch @angelarethwisch

by Mandi Johnson  @mandijohnsonphotography

by Mandi Johnson @mandijohnsonphotography

by Jess Mead  @jessmeadphoto

by Jess Mead @jessmeadphoto

by Kim Putney  @thecapts_wife_

by Kim Putney @thecapts_wife_

by Vicky Chin  @vickychinphotography    

by Vicky Chin @vickychinphotography